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A small selection is shown below.

LANDSCHAFTSBADEN  // Outdoor retreats

Design of the homepage, flyers, posters for the LANDSCHAFTSBADEN in the Uckermark, north of Berlin.
url follows soon.

Bildschirm­foto 2023-05-04 um 15.28.06.png
Bildschirm­foto 2023-05-04 um 15.26.54.png

ANNE 13 // Event location north of Berlin

Design of the homepage, logo, CI, flyers, posters for the ANNE 13, Kleine Schorfheide in Annenwalde. ANNE 13 is an event location for concerts, readings, parties and workshops in the Uckermark, next to Templin.

MARIA SIMON // Homepage

Design of the personal homepage for the German actor.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-12 um 10.05.53.png
Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-12 um 10.05.27.png
Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-12 um 10.10.04.png

von ERIKA // Interior Label

Illustrations and design for the interior label.

Illustration Ameisen für von ERIKA_
Illustration Feldhase für von ERIKA_
Illustration schlafender Fuchs für von E
Illustration fliegende Hummel für von ER

BLACKBOX // Herbs &spices label

Illustration of a sea horse for the herbs, oil and spice label BLACKBOX. Available in shops in NRW.

Zeichnung Seepferdchen für BLACK BOX_
Photoshooting for BLACK BOX_

SOL INVICTUS // London based band

Photos for the CD booklet "In Europa" of Sol Invictus.

Booklet for London based music band Sol
Booklet for London based music band Sol

AUTOROTATION // London based band

Illustration of a lynx for the album "Mapping the Dark Room" for the London based band AUTOROTATION.

Band-T-Shirt für AUTOROTATION_
Zeichnung für AUTOROTATION_


Illustration of hemp leafs and design of the organic hemp oil bottle, flyers and posters for Maria Simon.

Bio-Hanföl aus der Uckermark von Maria S
Bio-Hanföl aus der Uckermark.
Hanföl Maria Simon Schauspieler Berlin Brandenburg Uckermark

von ERIKA // Interior label car design

Illustration of hare, stag beetle and salamander and design of the car foil for the German interior label von ERIKA

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