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03/2022 "Hasen" in ANNE 13, Kleine Schorfheide, Annenwalde/Germany

12/2021 Christmas Special in Templin/Germany

09/2019 Showroom Wildling Shoes in Kollwitzstr. 81, Berlin/Germany

08/2019 Galerie Gruppe 81: "Family and Friends" in Sulzbach Rosenberg/Germany

09/2017 Home & Garden in Salem/Germany

07/2017 Trendset in Munich/Germany

06/2017 KEP open studios days of the KunstEtagenPankow/Germany

06/2017 Schloß Eyrichshof Garden Exhibition/Germany

12/2016 Heldenmarkt Berlin/Germany

10/2016 Herbstzauber Home&Garden in Potsdam/Germany

07/2016 KEP open studios days of the KunstEtagenPankow/Germany

11/2016 Heldenmarkt in Berlin/Germany

03/2016 Blickfang in Stuttgart/Germany

11/2015 Blickfang in Hamburg/Germany

01/2015 Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main/Germany

12/1996 final exhibition of the art students and receipt of the gallery award PH Ludwigsburg/Germany

06/1996 Group exhibition "Mass aller Dinge?" at the Kulturforum am Airport Stuttgart/Germany 

12/1995 Group exhibition of the art students "Unerhört!" at the art gallery of LB/Germany

08/1995 Group exhibition "Gorillas im Rahmen" at the Museum König in Bonn/Germany

07/1994 Exhibition at the scuola di scultura and receipt of an award in San Giacomo/Italy

01/1994 Participation at the IV. Festival internazionale di sculpture in neve in San Candido/Italy

03/1993 Group exhibition at the "Mit Kunst gegen den Ökofrust" in Bonn/Germany

09/1991 Group exhibition in Forchheim/Germany

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