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Tanja feels an affinaty with the countryside and this comes out in her detailed views of the wild, of the forest, the nature. Bringing to light what is often hidden in the dark and doesn´t want to be seen. She comes face to face with not just nature stories but also with the dreams and the feelings they bring forth. Her aim is to save these impressions and to translate them to paper. It is the secret hidden amongst the scenery of the everyday which attracts her. The life behind the facade, the skeleton, the feelings, the muscles, the thoughts, the story. She is at home experimenting on both canvas and paper to bring to the surface the forbidden. Her aesthetics do not preclude subjects that are shunned by some as dark or ugly.


Tanja has worked with various materials including stone, wood, terracotta, canvas and paper and enjoys experimenting with the less formal. In the last few years her work has moved in the direction of very detailed black and white graphite illustrations.


Tanja, born in Franconia, has studied in Italy, Germany and the UK. Since 2000 she is based in Berlin and has worked on several projects and brands.


Please contact Tanja if there are any assignments or requests for paintings, illustrations or art work. 

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